Bingo Roulette

If the neon lights of Vegas appeal, then perhaps you’ll enjoy a quick spin on Bingo Roulette? Tickets for this bingo game start from just 10p. Each price point has its own game prize and chat room so that you can keep up with the action on the wheel. Tickets cost 10p in Luxor and Mirage rooms, 25p in Venetian and 50p in the Bellagio room. Once you’ve chosen your room you need to place your chips on the table. If you’ve got lucky numbers then you can choose where to place them, or you can click on shuffle and have them randomly placed for you.

Prizes in Bingo Roulette vary depending on how many players are at each wheel. Win a two-tier Jackpot (the highest level Jackpot) by clearing your numbers in 10 spins or less.  You can win a lesser Jackpot if you manage to clear in less than 12 spins. The bingo Jackpot prize will vary depending on how much you paid to play. Jackpot prizes are never shared in Bingo Roulette.

You can play in auto-play or clear the chips yourself as you watch the game play out. The fewer chips you have on the table the closer you are to winning. If more than one player wins the prize then the prize value is shared between the players. Get your chips at the ready and prepare to spin your way to Jackpots up to £10,000.

Play Bingo Roulette - give it a spin!

roulette winner 1

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my Jackpot win of £500. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I have my son's wedding in June.

- just2togo

roulette winner 2

I cant believe i have won the Jackpot, I plan to spend my money on holiday that we have booked to the Costa Del Sol.

- jamesandrew7722 

roulette winner 3

I’ll be using the money towards my New York flights with my partner!

- azzajames

roulette winner 4

I'm so happy for winning £250 pounds, I'm going to use it all to put towards getting past my driving test.

- lucky2000

I’d like to say thank you to tombola for my Jackpot win on Bingo Roulette. When I looked at my phone I had won the Jackpot I was so happy as now it means I can get my car fixed and a few DIY projects at home that need doing.

- donna2311