bingo75 – The classic and the unique

There are two versions of bingo75 here at tombola, the unique bingo75 shapes that you know and love, and the classic bingo75 lines. Whether you like your bingo traditional, or with a little twist, we have the bingo75 for you.

bingo75 has 75 balls; hence the name! There’s two Chat Rooms to choose from in our American theme bingo75 shapes; stars and stripes. It’s also home to our American Shapes promotions – check to see what’s coming up on our promotions page.

How to play bingo75 shapes

Begin by choosing bingo75 shapes from the game launcher. Then choose between stars or stripes for your Chat Room, you don’t have to chat while you play but we think it’s more fun. Next it’s time to buy your tickets, choose a comfortable ticket price, then wait for the next game to start. When the game is in play you’ll see all your tickets laid out with that game’s shape overlaid on the ticket. When each draw is called the matching number on your ticket will be marked. Look out for numbers marked in a different colour – those are the ones within the shape and count for the game prize!

In bingo75 shapes we only play for one prize; this is won by the first player to mark off all the numbers within the pattern. Prizes won at the same time are shared. A Jackpot of £500 can also be won if the game shape is completed in fewer calls than the number next to the Jackpot (this is different for each shape). Why not give bingo75 shapes a go and see if you can get in shape?

“Won £500 Jackpot on bingo75. Didn't even realise I had got the Jackpot until my name was in red. Thank you tombola!” - Julie88shankill