The Lobby

Players can choose between four different clubs, each club features its own game prize and chat room.

Bingo roulette lobby


    - Play in Mirage where tickets are priced at 10p each
    - Play in Luxor where tickets are priced at 10p each (Luxor is open between 8am and 2am)
    - Play in Venetian where tickets are priced at 25p each
    - Play in Bellagio where tickets are priced at 50p each

Bingo roulette game board

Players select their own tickets by using the coloured chip sets within the game. Each set of chips represents a ticket. A ticket must contain eight numbers only and cannot contain any duplicate numbers. The numbers are selected by placing a chip on the numbered squares on the Bingo Roulette table. The squares are numbered from 0 to 36. A “shuffle” option is also available which will place the eight chips from the selected set into random positions on the Bingo Roulette table. When a chip set is first selected, all eight chips will be placed randomly on the table.


Bingo roulette game board

The calls for the game are displayed using a roulette style wheel animation. At the end of the animation the ball will settle into a numbered position on the Bingo Roulette wheel. The game refers to the calls as “spins”.

As with traditional bingo once a number has been called it cannot be called again within the same game. Previously called numbers are indicated on the wheel by a highlight and they are also indicated on the previous calls panel list. Whilst a game is in play a new call will take place approximately every 7 seconds.

Playing the game

Players can choose to play in ‘Auto Play’ or they can manually mark off their chips. Matching numbers are marked by removing any chips on the called numbers from the table – the less chips players have on the table the closer they are to winning.

Each chip set has a countdown below the main chip holder, this informs the player how many numbers they are away from winning.

The winner is the first person to clear all chips of one colour off the table (mark all numbers off one ticket). If more than one player completes their ticket on the same call then the game prize is shared amongst all valid winners. All winners will be announced automatically by the game server on the correct call whether the player is manual or auto marking.


The game prize varies from game to game and is dependent upon the number of players in the game, the number of tickets purchased, the ticket price, the amount of real money staked and the amount of bonus money staked.

A jackpot prize is available in each game. This is won if a player completes their ticket in 12 spins or less, with two levels of Jackpot available. Jackpot prizes are not shared, each player that qualifies will receive the full Jackpot amount.  Prizes are credited immediately to a players tombola account.

Mirage Jackpot prizes are £2,000 if won in 10 spins or less or £200 if won in 11 or 12 spins.
Luxor Jackpot prizes are £2,000 if won in 10 spins or less or £200 if you won in 11 or 12 spins.
Venetian Jackpot prizes are £5,000 if you won in 10 spins or less or £500 if won in 11 or 12 spins.
Bellagio Jackpot prizes are £10,000 if won in 10 spins or less or £1,000 if won in 11 or 12 spins.


Whilst playing Bingo Roulette it is possible to become disconnected from the game. Should this happen then the game will automatically be played out on the players behalf and any prizes will be paid accordingly. If reconnecting during a game then the game will automatically catch up to the current game position and then continue as normal.


In the event of a crash after a prize has been paid that prize is honoured. Standard terms and conditions apply.