Bingo 90

The Lobby

Bingo 90 has five different clubs, each club has different prizes and there are three chat rooms to choose from. All clubs feature their own individual game and chat room. Alternatively players can choose not to chat by selecting ‘no chat’.

Bingo 90 lobby


Tickets are priced from 10p – 40p. Strips are priced at 50p each.

Players can purchase up to four tickets or four strips of six, provided they have enough funds in their tombola account. Funds will be debited immediately at the time of purchase. Tickets can only be purchased for the next game.


The calls for the game are displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Each number is called individually and the ball numbers are highlighted on the screen to show which numbers have been called. As with traditional bingo, once a number has been called it cannot be recalled.

Bingo 90 lobby

Playing the game

Play bingo 90 using ‘Auto’ or manual mark. To play ‘auto’ press ‘auto mark’ and the numbers will be automatically crossed off. Players can win with one line, two lines or a full house, the first person to mark their numbers off will win. If more than one player wins, the game prize will be shared amongst all valid winners. Players can play the link game at 9pm (all five clubs link together), giving players the chance to win the guaranteed £1,000 link prize. All winners will be announced automatically by the game server on the correct call whether the player is manual or auto marking.


TThe game prize varies from game to game and is dependent upon the number of players in the game, the number of tickets purchased, the ticket price, the amount of real money staked and the amount of bonus money staked.

A jackpot prize is available in each game. This is won if a player completes their ticket in 40 calls or less. Should more than one person win the jackpot in the same club at the same time then each player will receive the full jackpot amount. bingo 90 has a progressive jackpot.


Whilst playing bingo 90 it is possible to become disconnected from the game. Should this happen then the game will be automatically played on the players behalf and any prizes will be paid accordingly. If reconnecting during a game then the game will automatically catch up to the current game position and then continue as normal.


In the event of a crash after a prize has been paid that prize is honoured. Standard terms and conditions apply.